Chivalry: Wanted Dead Or Alive?

Historically, the word chivalry combines the religious, moral, and social code of a Knight. Back in the day, knights were expected to be violent and victorious on the battlefield but gentle and God-fearing outside of battle. Fast forward to the days where knights are a thing of the past. In the 19th+ century courting/dating world, … Continue reading Chivalry: Wanted Dead Or Alive?

Creeper Series: All Dressed Up

The launch of the 2017 holiday season presented a beautiful day. My friend and I were enjoying a stroll in downtown Frederick when we countered a brand new consignment shop. We wandered in and discovered it to be an upscale consignment shop with amazing vintage clothing, shoes, and jewelry. The store's contents made sugarplums dance … Continue reading Creeper Series: All Dressed Up

Creeper Series: Arousal in the Trousers

Freedom. Divorce brought with it many trials, tribulations, sadnesses and disappointments. But it also brought with freedom, delicious and exhilarating. All of a sudden I got to completely choose, aside from my kids' schedules, how I would spend my time and with whom I would spend it. I planned to be a lot choosier than … Continue reading Creeper Series: Arousal in the Trousers

I’d Still Give My All, “Even Though We Break Up In the End”

Do you remember the roller skate rink's DJ saying, "Time to slow it down folks- this one is a couple's skate." Well this one is a couple's story. My version of it anyway. Dan (The Head Tilt) and I took it slowly. We had trail running dates, kayak dates, and we had dinner dates. These … Continue reading I’d Still Give My All, “Even Though We Break Up In the End”